Yawnie is a charming universal application for young children as it is an exercise in relaxation and being lulled into sleep.

This simple, lovely interactive app consists of ten animals – one per page – that need help being put to sleep with a gentle rub or taps.

Young children and their adults will enjoy massaging these creatures to slumber with the drag of a finger. It is nice that there are no specific movements needed, just contact with the animal – either a consistent stroke or a few multiple taps for them to unwind, start to yawn, lie down as sleep – each with its own satisfying sleep sounds, including an endearing variety of snoring noises that made me smile.

Each animal, such as cat, rabbit or hedgehog is drawn by hand with a cute style akin to illustrations children themselves may produce at a young age, also including a background in a natural setting that nicely contrasts the childlike drawings as they are each quite beautiful, with a sophisticated style and interesting use of color and depth.

No narration of any kind is included within this intuitive app – just a lullaby playing in the background – very soothing and peaceful in and of itself.

I appreciate the amount of time spent with each animal before it lies down, just a few moments really, keeping this app moving, great to know as I often look for quick yet soothing apps for bedtime, making this application a perfect choice.

Yawning can be a contagious experience for both children and as adults, something I am very fond of seeing in children’s apps. Both my son and I really enjoy this app as it does indeed make us yawn and in general get ready for sleep. My son loves to give his new animal friends back or belly rubs – things he enjoys after a long day as well. For this reason, it is easy to recommend this application

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