Toddler Maze 123 is a positively delightful first maze application for iPad that will be utterly appealing to toddlers, preschoolers and their adults.

This is a wonderfully intuitive app where players drag a car following a road spreading across each screen that contains points of interest along the way, consisting of individual mazes with charming themes that keep these activities engaging for children, such as driving a race car across the screen to the finish line, reuniting a bear with his mother, or helping an ambulance drive to a hospital. Arrows are included to move children in the correct direction and helping friendly characters move in the correct direction in this charming application.

Twenty mazes of increasing difficulty are included, starting out very simply with a straight line and working their way up to full mazes that young children will need to contemplate before solving.

Some unique aspects are also included such as involving two or more characters who need to be dragged where they need to go, sometimes testing children’s cognitive abilities about knowing what animal lives in which home – such as spider to web or bee to hive.

Also included is a hint button that parents have the option of including within these mazes which will include a dotted line one can trace to the end of each maze – a nice touch for young children during the later mazes with more difficult puzzles.

Parents will also really appreciate the fact that one can presumably print these mazes once they have been sent via email to oneself or a friend, allowing children to practice these mazes in real life, not just with the drag of a finger across the screen.

Each of these mazes is bright and colorful and includes extra interactive hotspots to enjoy with the tap of a finger – really nice details that children will enjoy. Very pleasant and relaxing music is also included that parents will be happy to listen to while sharing this app with their children, making this app very easy to recommend and a favorite early maze for children.

I have always been fond of mazes, as they are great for problem solving, hand/eye coordination and fine motor skills. There is a great deal of polish within Toddler Maze 123, really making this app stand out among others like it in the iTunes store.

Toddler Maze 123 is one of many great apps by GiggleUp Kids Apps which my son and I enjoy a great deal, especially their previous app Happy Little Farmer, also reviewed here at GiggleApps. They are developers worth getting to know.

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