The Kissing Hand Review

Posted by Amy Solomon on December 27th, 2012
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

I am pleased to announce that book publisher Tangled Press has donated 1,600 copies of the popular printed book, The Kissing Hand, to the children of Newtown, Connecticut as families begin to heal after the tragedy they faced.

In support of this generous donation, Oceanhouse Media has made the app of the same name free for a limited time.

The Kissing Hand is a beautiful adaptation of the original book about familial love and separation anxiety as young raccoon Chester fears going to school for the first time and is then given what he needs from his mother to feel secure going into the world on his own.

The illustrations - hand-crafted on textured paper - look wonderful on the back-lit screen on iPad and iPhone. Zooming and panning is also included to draw the reader's attention or to create movement - always a nice touch - as is the highlighted text if listening to narration as well as the option to auto play as if watching this book unfold like a movie.

Listen to the sounds of nature, as well as tap the characters and objects found to see the labels with both text and narration - details that can also now be turned off as well.

Another new feature from Oceanhouse Media is the chance not only to record this book by oneself but to be able to send the new narration to other families who also have this app so they can share in one’s personal recording.

The Kissing Hand, a New York Times best seller has already been enjoyed by many families, and for a period of time, children from all over can download this app for free. Please do so without delay.

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