Splish Splash Inn Review

Posted by Amy Solomon on November 1st, 2010
iPhone App - Designed for iPhone, compatible with iPad

Splish Splash Inn is a beautiful application that teaches number recognition and counting. Sea-themed, this app takes place at the “Splish Splash Inn,” a hotel for fish. Go door to door, find out what kind of fish is staying in each room, and practice counting with the narration as each fish swims into the room. There are 10 rooms to choose from. This would be a lovely game in and of itself, but what makes this app all the more special is that each fish is musical and you can help them swim around as well. Tap to play, and drag to move around the screen. The drawings are beautiful, the music is well done, and I enjoy introducing my son to the names of these fish this way. As an adult, I also like how each hotel room is styled differently, a nice touch parents will appreciate.

I think it's great how children can play this game at their own pace, and I am impressed with how long this app holds both my 2.5+ year old son’s, as well as my attention. The first time we played, my boy wanted to quickly go to every room to see what kind of fish there was to discover. Now when he plays, he stays longer in each room, tapping and dragging the fish around the screen, being really engaged with their sounds. My favorite rooms are those where the fish play octaves so one can really make music with them. The effect can be quite magical. Others have more of a random noise quality that is still fun and entertaining, but not as musical.

I really hope the developers at Shortstack continue to make children’s educational apps. The quality here is grand, and I can’t wait to see what they come up with next.

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