For “Spelling Bubble”, you tap on bubbles to spell a Word. There are 3 game modes – Ruby, Emerald and Sapphire, and 12 word categories. When you spell 12 words correctly, you earn a gem stone. Collect 12 gem stones and you will be rewarded with a stamp for your colorful score card. The Ruby level has the word and the definition on the screen to help the child learn the word; when he/she is confident enough, there is an option to remove the word with the definition remaining and a question mark indicating how many letters. The Emerald and Sapphire Gem levels are a bit more challenging and fewer hints are available. The fun part is trying to spell the word while the bubbles are moving and earning a stamp for the score card. I find the picture graphics and the music pleasant and calming. This spelling app is awesome because it encourages children to sound out the words. My 3rd and 4th grade children have given me the silent seal of approval by playing it over and over again, and this makes me smile because they’re learning.

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