Rain Go Away ABCs is an app that teaches letter recognition, words, and basic phonics. Indoor activities to keep children occupied on rainy days are also included which reinforce the words they have learned through this app. Weather themed, watch as the animated background transitions from rain to sun through out the sequence of the alphabet.

Easy to use, tap on the letter of the object being illustrated once to hear the letter’s name, tap again to hear the sound that letter makes. The object can also be tapped for its name to be spoken as well. Shake or tilt the device for an interaction to play.  A “Tip” button can also be tapped to further demonstrate this word with various indoor play ideas that can keep kids occupied on rainy days or other times when staying in the house is needed. You can also return to the main alphabet page from here to choose a specific letter.

Being painted by hand, this app is a good choice for parents who prefer simple and handmade educational toys for their children, while still wanting to embrace the use of applications. For these parents, the more traditional play ideas being included in this app will go a long way. I think this would make a lovely first app for babies, toddlers or young preschoolers, but older kids and more seasoned app users may spend less time using this application than younger children. Both educational and fun, this is a nice, simple family application.

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