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Our Review by Jeff Scott on July 28th, 2008
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Pretty good word game, probably not one you will return to often unless you can convince friends to purchase.

Developer: Lone Star Software
Price: $4.99
Date Listed in App Store: 7/6/2008
Version Reviewed: 1.0

Quordy is one of two multiplayer word games released by Lone Star Software in the App Store.  This one being a Boggle type game while the other one, Muddled is more of a TextTwist kind of game.  Both games are interesting but I'm not sure that either is worth $5.

Even though I have the vocabulary of a 4th grader, I do enjoy word games.  Quordy is a good implementation of a Boggle type game (also Scramble App on Facebook is similar).  You know the game, 16 dice in a little plastic box that you shake, then find as many connected chains of letters that form words you can in the allotted time. It's fun and surprisingly hard to find words over 4-5 letters.

Quordy adds a multiplayer capability to this -- though you have to know the person, their email, and they have to have the game to participate.  You challenge another player by sending them a board you are playing and they try to beat your score.  You can then later compare scores to see which of you did better.

While I think it's great that there is a multiplayer option to this game, the problem is finding someone who has the game.  It would be better if the game server would match you with someone else with the game if you didn't know someone.

The game is pretty fun casual word game to play. The lower rating is due to the not so great multiplayer options and the price being a little too high -- would like to see it at $1.99.

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