Pocket Pond HD

Posted by Melinda Landon on May 18th, 2010
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Do you want a pond in your pocket? First reaction would be, well nooo, however you might change your mind. The graphics for "Pocket Pond HD" are picture perfect and watching the fish swim around will relax just about anyone. The "real nature" sound effects are great and best heard in stereo with headphones. What I like most about this app is touching the water, the sound effects are very realistic and my finger is not even wet! If you tap twice on the screen, a little piece of fish food will appear and the fish will swim by and eat it. The fish can be played with, you can scare them or watch their schooling behavior. The fish pond can be customized simply by adding Lilly Pads and Dragon Flies. My middle child (10) was all worked up by her brother and I sat her down and handed her my iPhone with "Pocket Pond"; I asked her to look at this app and play with the fish while I deal with her brother. She huffed and puffed and complained. Magically, a little fish pond and the sounds of nature put her in a calm state. She was a different person in such a short time! She really enjoyed playing with the fish, feeding them and swirling the water around. The "Pocket Pond HD" app is very refreshing and is a great escape for everyone from a toddler to a parent. There is an upgrade option in the app for iFish Pond where you can catch fish, play with frogs, and hear a thunderstorm for $1.99. See ya... gone fishin'!

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