Nedi the Yeti Review

Posted by Amy Solomon on April 5th, 2012
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Nedi the Yeti is a charming and simple interactive book for iPad about a peek-a-boo-playing Yeti and his animal friends who are hidden among these pages of this cute storybook.

Nedi the Yeti would make a great first app for babies and toddlers as the animals are friendly looking and engaging as well as not so well hidden that children of all ages could not find these creatures with ease, as a drag of a finger will coax these animals from their hiding places and a tap will trigger a speech bubble and a fun animal sound, be it either cartoony or realistic as is the case of the included bird or owl sounds found within.

Adults will be smitten by the visual style of this app, with the main color choices being white with shades of blues and grays - an appropriate palette for a tale about this kindly abominable snowman. Bright colors can also be found within as well, included among some of the animals one meets, making them pop nicely off the pages - a real treat for toddlers as they search among these pages. The quality of these illustrations themselves is wonderful, together with the light interactions and sounds, making this book very easy to enjoy.

Do be sure to tilt the iPad from side to side as doing so allows the background to pan sideways slightly, allowing readers to view more of the landscapes and hiding creatures, creating a nice 3D look that is very effective.

Without narration, this lovely app is designed to be read to small children, also making a nice early reader that kids in preschool or kindergarten will enjoy. Although this application may seem short from the point-of-view of older children, I think the length is just right for babies or toddlers who will enjoy Nedi the Yeti a great deal.

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