Monster Memory Match for iPad Review

Posted by Amy Solomon on September 22nd, 2010
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"Monster Memory Match for iPad" is a matching game that uses a combination of monster drawings and sight words to make this app both fun and educational. This app begins with the screen full of cards. Tap to flip each card over and try to remember what monster or word is on the other side, in the interest of making pairs.

I am really pleased with the educational nature of this app. Half the cards to be turned over contain sight words, being some of the most commonly used words in the English language that most school children are expected to learn. The other half are fun monsters to keep the game light and entertaining. There are three difficulty levels, with single and double player modes. I really like the idea of this game because the child is already in the mindset to do some memorizing, and the language part just slips in for the ride. Brilliant!

The only issue I have with this app is that when a card is tuned over, a piano key is played. These sounds partially overlap the child narrating the word, making it somewhat difficult to hear, at least in the beginning.

Also, please note that this is an Australian app, so to an American ear, the words are spoken with an accent. The more I played, the more I became accustomed to this, but it may be an issue for some children learning these words for the first time. All in all, a great idea!

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Monster Memory screenshot 1 Monster Memory screenshot 2 Monster Memory screenshot 3 Monster Memory screenshot 4 Monster Memory screenshot 5
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