Lola’s Math Train is a cute and fun universal application staring Lola, the cuddly panda that children may be familiar with from other educational Lola apps from BeiZ such as Lola’s Alphabet Train or Lola’s Fruit Shop Sudoku.

Here, join Lola and friends as she drives a train which is propelled by each correct math question answered.

Questions are nicely varied and get more difficult as the game is played and are focused teaching the basic such as counting, ordering small quantities as larger or smaller as well as simple puzzles, differentiating numbers from letters and other activities as well as simple math such as addition and subtraction.

There are other apps available that offer math problems in ways that children may not fully realize that they are practicing their math. As much as I admire these other apps, I also appreciate having children work with simple, basic problems that will better resemble the questions they will most likely face in school. These games are kept dynamic with the use of fun music, train whistles and the train’s movement as one is guided through these math exercises, adding different friendly animals to this train along the way.

Three levels of difficulty are included – which is a nice touch, but it would be great if players could save their progress as children may not be able to finish their entire game with the addition of all the animals to their train in one sitting, and it would be nice to pick up from where they left off.

Having said this, Lola’s Math Train is a nice choice for a fun, interactive educational application, as are the other Lola apps in this series.

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