The Legend of Spookley the Square Pumpkin, a universal interactive storybook, is a lesson in embracing the differences in others. Taking place in a pumpkin patch during a severe storm just before Halloween, Spookley, a pumpkin formed in the shape of a cube (or “square” as this book likes to say), uses his unique shape to save they day as he plugs a hole in the fence, keeping the other pumpkins safe.

Adapted from a previously published book of the same name, I like how not only panning and scanning is used to draw in the reader’s attention, but the scrolling of these pages left to right is also incorporated to maintain the look of double page spreads presumably found in the original storybook.

The illustrations are charming and colorful, as well as including expressive anthropomorphic pumpkin faces children will find appealing. Do tap these pumpkin characters and other areas of the page as a few extra words of dialogue or sound effects are also included, adding a little something extra kids will enjoy.

There are moments, however, that the other pumpkins laugh at Spookley for being different that parents may want to discuss with their children.

Although one has the chance to read this book to oneself, I really enjoy the terrific included narration which creates drama and importance in a way that I really appreciate.

Stormy sounds effects, also heard when the narration is muted, are also very good, taking this app to the next level of experience.

Young readers will also enjoy the highlighted narration and the ability to hear individual words being spoken, making this an app that could be enjoyed by a wide range of children.

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