Dr. Panda’s Supermarket Review

Posted by Amy Solomon on March 20th, 2013
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

I am pleased to see that a new Dr Panda role-playing app is now available, Dr. Panda’s Supermarket, a universal app that allows children to explore ten shopping mini-games from both the point-of-view of the shopper as well as store workers.

We love the various role-playing games by Dr. Panda, as they are bright and fun as well as including a cast of re-occurring animals and their families as we have tended to them in a hospital, served the adults in a restaurant app, taken care of these characters’ animal children at daycare, grown fruits and vegetables for them at a farm, and now help these characters shop in a supermarket.

Ten areas of interest are included in Dr. Panda Super Market, and I like how one can choose to spend time in a section where one does the tasks that a worker would do, from sorting recycling, and stacking boxes in a Tetris-styled puzzle activity to collecting carts and helping customers take their groceries to their waiting cars.

Other mini-games are played if one is helping an animal with his shopping. To do so, help a character with a cart and then help this character in one of a variety of ways, such as helping him shop as one drags objects into the cart that coincides with foods from the list, pouring coffee or feeding cookies to those in need, or filling up a bag of candy to be bought.

One can also help with the scanning of groceries as well as sorting the money into the cash register, the weighing and labeling of produce before being placed in the cart as well as cleaning up a spill - which I especially appreciate as these are activities we see on our grocery runs - great for role-playing.

Fans of this series as well as other children will enjoy the friendly animals and intuitive controls of these mini-games, allowing children to partake in realistic tasks that mirror adult activities.

I am eager to see what new Dr. Panda apps may be developed next as they are uniformly a huge hit with my family.

iPhone Screenshots

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