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Developer/Publisher: OrientMaple
Genre: Tower Defense
Price: $.99
Acquired: Promo code provided
Review Platform: iPhone 4 with iOS4
Verdict: Easy to play and understand with an interesting idea for a Tower defense game. Doesn’t deliver anything truly creative visually that holds your interest.

Pros: Interesting topic for a Tower Defense
Cons: Not enough visually to keep it interesting

The abstract appearance of the icon caught my eye. I thought it looked like a Chinese silkscreen, which I found interesting (It’s actually outlines of tiny bugs). Visually that’s about where the joy ends. You start setting up your defenses, in this case little human immunity cells on a honeycomb shaped board. These defenses shoot at the bacteria and virus that are coming to take away your protein in tiny chunks. Your goal is to stop them from reaching the protein and taking it back to the bacteria’s origin point. If you shoot the bacteria carrying the protein, it will be released and float back to the protein container. This becomes tricky because passing by bacteria can pick it up and continue to take it away. The game controls well and mechanics seem to work fine, as any other standard tower defense type game. It’s pretty easy to set your defenses up and the game gives you good feedback as to where items can be placed or not.

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