Buzzle is a very nice universal puzzle app toddlers will enjoy. Consisting of 10 bright, colorful and fun puzzles each of these puzzles contain their own theme, such as beach or birthday party, transportation, carnival as well as puzzles dedicated to animals, such as a farm or ocean.

These puzzles are nicely intuitive, making Buzzle a good choice as a first puzzle app for young children. As these scenes open up, players will find some characters or items represented by blank silhouette areas that need to be filled in.

Note the top right corner as here, the puzzle pieces to be used are displayed, drag the piece to the corresponding area to begin completing the puzzle.

It is nice that a certain level of “grab” is in use here, being somewhat forgiving as toddlers may not line up these puzzle pieces perfectly, as this app will draw these pieces into the space provided, as if by magnetism. Children still need to be somewhat accurate, however, and if a mistakes are made, on the third try, a hint is incorporated showing children the correct spot for the puzzle pieces.

When a puzzle piece is correctly added, a sound effect is triggered as well. These are nice effects that children will enjoy, especially the animal sounds found within that add another educational layer to this app, my personal favorite being the whale sounds with the ocean puzzle.

I do wish one could turn off the congratulatory music and sounds when these puzzle become complete separate from the sounds effects used within, as adults may wish to silence the fanfare while maintaing the other sounds this app has to offer.

All in all a nice experience for toddlers and early preschoolers. The ease of use would make this app a great first puzzle application for the youngest of device users.

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