Congratulations everyone, we've managed to make it to the end of the working week. It was looking touch and go there for a bit, but we've scraped past the finish line. And that means it's time to look at the awesome mobile games that we're all going to be playing by this time next week.

After the disappointment around The Elder Scrolls: Blades over the past couple of weeks, it's nice to be able to write about something else. If you didn't know yet, the release of Bethesda's mobile ARPG has been pushed back to December. So you've got plenty of time to get read for that one now.

That said, next week definitely has some promising games, one of which we reckon could be vying for the game of the year award come the end of 2018. If you know of any other games coming out next week that have got your blood pulsing, make sure you let us know about them in the comments below.

Oh, and if you want to have your say about what should be this week's game of the week, before the whole cycle starts anew next week, then click here to cast your vote on this week's selection.

Chaos Reborn: Adventures - pre-order for iOS

This is the big game next week, and we mean that in a number of different ways. For one thing, it's from the creator of the original XCOM, which means it's got a whole chunk of pedigree behind it. For another, it's going to set you back $9.99, which is no small amount for a mobile game.

It's a tactical, turn-based game set in a fantasy universe. You're controlling a wizard in tight battles to the death. It's a game of positioning, bluffing, and RPG character building with a vast single player campaign and competitive multiplayer too.

While it's definitely not cheap, it's going to be really interesting to see how well the game does when it lands on September 12th. If it gets everything right, there's a chance it could be a massive hit. Keep an eye on 148Apps next week when we'll be covering the game in a lot more detail.

Rocket of Whispers: Prologue - pre-order for iOS

The prequel to the really rather awesome OPUS: Rocket of Whispers. If you've played that game, and enjoyed it, then this is definitely one you want to be keeping an eye on. It's another premium game, and this one's going to set you back $2.99 when it comes out.

Unlike the previous game in the series, this is a narrative adventure that focuses on one of the characters from the original. In other words, you're not really going to understand what's going on if you haven't finished the original.

Still, it's great to see a franchise that isn't afraid to build away from its core mechanics, especially on mobile. Rocket of Whispers: Prologue, which comes out on September 12th, looks set to be an engrossing and engaging experience.

Meowoof - pre-order for iOS

The best thing about mobile gaming is the way it swings so wildly. The last game is a deep and involving narrative adventure, whereas this one is all about a cat and a dog who are connected to one another and are trying to find their owner.

Arcade action is the order of the day here, with the spinning pair of critters being your main weapon against the enemies and obstacles you're going to be coming up against. You've got one button to control your creatures with, but that doesn't mean the game is going to lack when it comes to challenge.

In fact, we reckon this one's going to be the sort of game that might make you pull your hair out, albeit in a very good way. It's going to be free to download when it comes out on September 14th.

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