As far as documentary films go, if your flick hasn’t been either produced or endorsed by the obnoxious human/manatee hybrid know as Michael Moore, most likely you don’t stand a snowball’s chance in hell of garnering a strong following among the US filmgoing audiences.  Against all odds, last year’s Waiting for Superman was not only successful, but garnered the praises of pundits throughout the film industry.  The film helped draw attention to the ever growing failures of the American education system, and the benefits that can be brought about by more widespread acceptance of charter schools.

Though the film was released last year, it doesn’t mean that supporters have to be done with the causes promoted within the documentary.  One such way to get behind the message is to download the new iOS app Super School, which was has been developed as the official companion app to the film.  Here is what the software provides:

“Take a seat in our virtual classroom and see how you score in some old time favorite games. Answer trivia questions about education in the U.S. and get tips on how YOU can make a difference.

Earn game points to build a schoolhouse that you can post on Facebook to show you care about what’s happening in our schools today. This handheld simulation will get you up to speed on the education crisis in the U.S. and give you the power to become a superhero to students and teachers in America.” — Via Waiting for Superman Blog

Also, the program offers users the opportunity to make a difference for local schools, by sending a pre-formatted letters to your government representatives, urging them to invest more into the American school system.  As a child of a teacher, I can attest to the benefit that can come from this increase in funding that only the government can provide.  Super School is free, so you should give it a glance and do you part to help the future of this nation.  Everyone should do their part.

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