As someone desperate to get fit, I’ve been an avid user of the Fitocracy website since its beta launch. I’ve also been keen to gleefully discuss it with anyone willing to listen and been eager for an iOS app. So, the announcement that it’s been launched for all to use, and alongside an iOS app is pretty exciting stuff.

Fitocracy turns getting fit into a game of levelling up and watching the experience points shoot up. It’s an ideal gamification model for those who need a gentle kick to get them to pursue their goals.

Besides simply offering users points and level ups for completing numerous fitness based tasks, there are achievements to gain and quests to complete. With a huge support network of other users, it’s pretty satisfying to compare progress with others and race friends to the next level up.

Everything about Fitocracy is free with both website and app linking together nicely. Give it a try and watch how you get excited to see what routines invoke the biggest gains.

iPhone App - Designed for the iPhone, compatible with the iPad
Released: 2012-03-29 :: Category: Healthcare & Fitness

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