The best virtual pet apps on mobile

Posted by Jessica Famularo on October 11th, 2017

Virtual pets have become a mainstay in the modern gaming world, though newer titles have added on new bells and whistles to keep things exciting. Virtual pets are no longer just about feeding and cleaning up poop before your 8-bit blob withers away. Now there are all sorts of things you can do with virtual pets, especially on mobile, where you're free to take your companions with you on the go. Here are five of our favorites.


If you really want to get back to basics, Bandai has you covered. They've brought their classic Tamagotchi to iOS. Not much has changed, save for your Tamagotchi's new home on your phone. You can adopt a few different classic Tamagotchi, and the game features a classic and color mode, so you can travel back in time whenever you like.

Cthulu Virtual Pet

Cthulu has never been so . . . adorable? Cthulu Virtual Pet gives you the chance to raise the famed Lovecraftian god from a little baby cephalopod. It's good humored fun, and the pixel art ain't bad either.

DragonVale World

DragonVale World places you at the head of a sprawling park where you can raise dragons. You can breed your dragons for rare combinations, upgrade their habitats, and send them out to gather resources to improve your park.


In Kleptocats, you adopt a host of adorable kitties which you can send out to steal random junk. Your cats will return with fun costumes and other objects to fill your home. It sounds silly, but you'll be surprised by how quickly it hooks you.

Neko Atsume

Of course, no list is complete without Neko Atsume. The irresistible kitty collector is super charming, with a good amount of humor thrown in for good measure. Lure cats to your yard with the promise of food and toys, and try to collect all of them.

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