With the holidays now firmly behind us, it's time to march head first into the New Year and face whatever it may bring. Things are looking good for 2018 so far, though, if the bargains on the App Store are any indication. There are some pretty excellent discounts on games to help ring in this first week of the year. Here are the best deals on the App Store this week.

Out There: Ω Edition
Price: $0.99

Out There is a fully realized space adventure in a tiny mobile package. It's a space survival sim with lots of RPG elements reminiscent of games like Mass Effect. You'll have to gather ore and elements to survive, but there are also plenty of alien races to make deals with and help you make a name for yourself in this distant part of the galaxy.

Out There Chronicles Episode 1
Price: $0.99

If you love space drama, but aren't so interested in the survival mechanics of the first entry in this list, Out There Chronicles expands on the Out There story, weaving it into a complex text-based narrative full of twists and turns. The game's excellent writing is paired with beautiful artwork.

The Machines
Price: $2.99

One of Apple's flagship AR titles, The Machines looks stunning, and it's a thrilling robot brawler to boot. The game plays much like a MOBA. Guide your robot through a destroyed battlefield to face off against enemies in satisfying tactical combat.

Dungeon Rushers
Price: $0.99

If you enjoy a good dungeon-crawler but don't like to take them too seriously, you might get a kick out of Dungeon Rushers. This humorous fantasy RPG features fantastic writing and characters who may not have the best intentions, but are easy to love all of the same. There are some brilliant mechanics at play to boot. If you haven't given this one a go before, don't pass it up.

Will you be trying any of these titles? Let us know in the comments below.

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