The 5 best games that came out for iPhone and iPad this week - June 21st

Posted by Harry Slater on June 21st, 2018
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Darkness Rises artwork showing the main characters

Well, it's Thursday again, and that means that it's time for us to round up the five best games that have landed on the App Store over the past seven days. And let me tell you, there's a whole heap of class that's come out on iOS this week. I reckon there might actually be something for everyone in this list.

Of course, thousands of games come out on the App Store each week, so it's entirely possible we've missed something. Feel free to shout about it in the comments section down at the bottom of the article. Also, we're trying something a bit different this week. We want you to let us know which is the games in the list below is your favorite. The winner will be crowned our game of the week. Again, chuck your suggestions in the comments. In the mean time, onwards and upwards, this list isn't going to write itself.

Suzy Cube - download for iOS

A retro platformer that moves forward in time about seven years to the rest of the genre. It's aping the likes of Mario 64, and while it doesn't have the chops of Nintendo's classic, it does get a lot of things spot on. Once you've got used to the floaty controls, you're going to find an awful lot to enjoy here.

Dr.Meep - download for iOS

A match-three puzzler with a difference. There's a story about mental health here. You're playing as a doctor who's trying to cure his patients. It's a pretty tough ask, and you are going to get frustrated from time to time. But if you're looking for a matcher with more going on than usual, it's still worth checking out.

Darkness Rises - download for iOS

A gorgeous-looking action game. It's all orcs and magic and Tolkein family lawsuits, but it manages to be both good looking and a lot of fun. It's definitely the sort of game that's going to try and pull you in for the long run, but when the action is this much fun you're unlikely to complain too much. Plus it's got cool fatalities.

F1 Trading Card Game - download for iOS

A midcore-of-the-road card game that sees you laying down parts of your deck in order to take corners and overtake your opponents. It might not the deepest experience on the App Store, but if you're a fan of pictures of F1 cars and F1 drivers then you're sure to absolutely love getting all the cards on offer here.

Golf Club: Wasteland - download for iOS

Definitely the weirdest game that came out this week. It's an atmospheric visual adventure set in the waste of a dystopian future. There's a brilliant story here, and it's that that's going to drive you to see what else the game has to offer. It's also got jetpacks in it, and jetpacks instantly make everything like a thousand times better.

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