Terra Monsters brings an open world with 10 different regions for players to explore with the goal of capturing monsters. There are 178 unique monsters for players to catch, raise, train, and battle with while working hard to save their town from evil. Players will be able to enjoy this RPG adventure in the very near future.

Terra Monsters is free-to-play throughout the first region, but costs 99 cents afterwards to unlock the full version.


•Over 200 moves can be learnt by Terra Monsters
•Users control moves in battle with the Power Wheel. The power wheel sets power and accuracy and is a test of skill for users.
•9 Different towns in an open world. Each town has its own region where players can explore battle and catch Terra Monsters.
•Users can assign Talent Traits to Terra Monsters. Every 3 levels a Terra Monster earns a Talent Point which can be spent on either Attacking Traits or Defensive Traits - such as increased Melee Attack Bonus or %HP restore after every move.
•Tournament Battles with 7 Badges to Collect. Win 4 consecutive battles in colosseums without resting to become the town champion.
•Captivating storyline

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