Tempo Smart Calendar just became an even smarter smart calendar in its latest update. The smarter smart calendar now has a smart address book that makes it easy to contact everyone that matters to you, personally and professionally. The smart address book keeps your contacts up-to-date with details, making sure you have all the right information you need when it comes time for an event or meeting. It maintains all the data for you, which includes the iPhone’s contacts app, Gmail, and other linked email accounts.

“Most address books do not have context and think that the people I interact with on Facebook are the people I’m going to call today. Tempo is building its anticipatory contact list based on your meeting and communication graph which is much more indicative of who you are going to call or meet with that week. Tempo knows which people are important, and is a more comprehensive address book because it draws from communication within email archived in your inbox. Tempo is used heavily for communication so we saw the opportunity to integrate these anticipatory contacts right into the calendar.” said Raj Singh, CEO of Tempo AI, in a press release.