Holy zombies! if you've been playing Telltale's amazing Walking Dead: The Game on Mac or PC via Steam, you know what fantastic news this is for gamers waiting for it to show up on iOS. The wait is now over, with the first episode ready to download this coming Thursday, July 26, for $4.99.

The fine minds at Telltale Games have spent a ton of time tweaking and optimizing the game for a touch interface. You'll be able to explore Robert Kirkman's award-winning post-apocalyptic universe with characters that don't appear in the comics or the television series. You'll get to play Lee Everett, a man with a dangerous past, as he navigates his new, zombie-infested world, trying to care for Clementine, a young girl that he meets and takes under his wing.

The Walking Dead for iOS will be $4.99 per episode for the future installments, or save 25% off the individual episodes with the Episode 2-5 bundle for $14.99. This is the same price as the game on Steam, which should prove interesting to see if iOS gamers are as willing to pay for a quality gaming experience as those on the PC and Mac platform.

Walking Dead: The Game will run on the new iPad, the iPad 2, the iPhone 4 & 4S, and any iPod touch 4th Generation or newer. Episode 2, already out on Steam, will release for iOS soon, according to the developers.

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