Putting an end to past/previous speculation, PocketGamer confirmed today that Tekken is coming to the iPhone and iPod touch, stating a source close to Namco, speaking to them anonymously, told them the game is far along in development and looking good.

To paraphrase, "The game is being finished up and it plays rather nicely."

They're not sure if this iPhone version was developed "from scratch" or if it's a "touch-enabled port of Tekken 6 as developed for PSP." They believe the latter seems more likely, which they believe is wise, given how well-crafted the PSP version is.

Multiplayer has not been confirmed, but hey expect head-to-head bouts to be of the local variety.

With competitor Capcom having just announced Street Fighter IV for iPhone, Namco's move with Tekken is a logical one.

Although it was previously reported that both games would be shown at next week's Game Developers Conference (GDC), PocketGamer.co.uk has since confirmed Tekken won't be shown during the GDC.

"We are NOT showing anything at GDC with regards to Tekken. We will be previewing new stuff, but it will NOT involve the Tekken brand whatsoever." Emphasis is theirs.

The company didn't confirm or deny the game's existence, just that it has no plans to show Tekken next week.

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