It's not glamorous work wrangling monsters in Tactical Monsters Rumble Arena, at least to start. The game features legendary creatures like Dracula and Medusa, but they aren't on your roster when you begin playing, and you could find yourself decidedly underwhelmed by your early game choices.

In fact, just playing through the campaign missions in order, you could find yourself unable to even field a full team of five monsters for some time. Fortunately, we've uncovered some tips on how to expand your squad much faster and even give yourself a shot at the Monstrous and Diabolic monsters that will become the centerpiece of your team.

Hit the shop

The in-game shop in Tactical Monsters is unusually well-stocked, with an ever-changing array of four monster cards that you can purchase at any given time. In the early stages of the game, this is the fastest way to get more monsters, because you only need to buy the first card for any character to add it to your roster.

Even purple or Monstrous rarity monsters can be acquired in the shop, though they're pretty costly at 1000 Gold. Still, that's a quick way to get a pretty powerful unit on your side.

Save Gems for the Mystery Chest

There are a number of ways to earn Gems, the game's premium currency. You can also use them for numerous purposes, but if you want to acquire an orange Diabolical monster, you should be saving them for use in the shop.

Among the options in the shop are Monster Chests, which provide a number of cards with each purchase and can really beef up your monsters. The one you want, though, is the Mystery Chest, which guarantees one Diabolic card. At 2200 Gems, it's not cheap, but with some discipline and continued play, you should be able to buy one before too long.

Play more PvP

The PvP or Rumble mode is also a good way to earn Monstrous or Diabolic cards, especially since the chest that provides them isn't based on whether you win or lose matches. Instead, it opens when you've killed 20 enemy monsters (cumulatively), so the idea is to take as many enemies as possible with you even if you fall to defeat.

There is still a benefit to winning, however, as the Rumble chest has a better chance of yielding rare cards the higher you move up the PvP ladder.

Log in daily

Another surefire way to expand your roster up to and including purple Monstrous characters is simply to play Tactical Monsters every day. The daily login rewards include monster cards every few days, with every seventh day providing you with purple cards. If you're hooked on the game anyway, this is the easiest and most reliable method of beefing up your team, so don't forget to at least check in for a few minutes even if you don't have time to play.

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