Remember all those puzzle games that involve lining up various tiles of paths/pipes in order to guide stuff (ooze, water, data, etc) from one spot to another? Games like Pipe Mania or the hacking mini-game from Bioshock. Well that's kind of what SwapQuest is, too.

Of course in this instance you have to switch tiles around in order to create a path for your character (either Princess Wilma or Price Wilbert) to walk along as they battle monsters and find treasure. That's right, SwapQuest is a hybrid of the classic "pipe game" and RPG elements. Personally I think it seems like an interesting combination. But don't take my word for it, check out the gameplay trailer below and decide for yourself.

SwapQuest is due to hit the App Store "later this year."

- 12 different areas to explore
- Two playable character: Prince Wilbert and Princess Wilma
- Branching paths and hidden treasures
- Dozens of different enemies to fight
- Magic items, side quests, challenge rooms, fierce boss fights, new game+, and much more…

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