Swarm Simulator: Evolution guide - How to play like a good little drone

Posted by Campbell Bird on April 4th, 2018
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

We all love a good idle game from time to time, don’t we? Good thing there are new and good ones coming out all the time, like Swarm Simulator: Evolution. In this game, you breed humble Drones to gather meat and eventually harness that power to do all kinds of crazy things like travel through time and evolve to higher forms of being. In order to get to these late-game points though, you need to be a good little drone and manage your colony optimally. Here’s exactly how to do that:

Adjust your quantities

Swarm Simulator is all about using your gathered meat and hatched Drones to purchase all kinds of other bugs, like Queens, Locusts, and more. If you want to truly maximize your purchasing potential though, you shouldn’t just buy as much of any one bug or item at every opportunity.

Although the game offers by default to spend all of your gathered resources on buying as much of any one thing as possible, this isn’t always the best idea. To avoid this, you can the purple button in the bottom left of the screen to adjust your quantities. Doing this can allow you to purchase the bugs you need while keeping any resources you need to bank in tact.

Always watch the ads (or pay)

Each time you return to Swarm Simulator, the game gives you an overview of what you earned while you were away. While you’re on this menu, you can opt to watch an ad to suddenly double your earnings, or visit the store to buy an in-app purchase to remove the ad-watch option and get a permanent doubler of all your earnings.

No matter how you choose do to it, make sure you double your earnings at every opportunity. It’s simply a waste of time not to. Even if you hate ads, opt to double your earnings and just put your phone down while the ad plays. It’s worth it. Trust me.

Follow the arrows

As more and more things open up in Swarm Simulator, it might be a little confusing to know exactly what to spend your resources on. In general though, it’s a good idea to give permanent buffs to your production infrastructure wherever possible. This means investing in “Twins” and “Faster” upgrades rather than trying to tap out units all the time.

An easy way to know whenever any of your infrastructure is upgradable is by looking at your bottom menu bar for arrows pointing upward on any of the buttons. These arrows indicate that you can upgrade your production rate or reduce the resources needed to generate units, both of which will then let you progress in the game faster permanently.

Tap the golden bugs

Speaking of permanent upgrades, Swarm Simulator also gives players the ability to squish little golden bugs. These may not seem all that great at first, as squishing individual golden bugs gives you small consumables that can give little boosts to your Swarm temporarily, but consistently squishing golden bugs can also give you some sweet permanent upgrades.

Once you squish your first ten Golden Bugs, you can select from one of four upgrades that do things like permanently increase your earn rates, hatch rates, or even Golden Bug appearance rates. So make sure you squish away to make sure you maximize your potential in Swarm Simulator.

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