Whether you found the idea of An Alien With A Magnet to be a polarizing experience or not (hah, magnet humor!), now is a good time to give it a shot. Why? Because it’s free, that’s why!

The sale is following the recent 1.1 update that adds, among other things, a relocated pause button and auto-pause functionality for when you receive a call or a text. Hurray! And I hear the game’s not half bad, either!

– New stunning icon!
– Implemented ChartBoost Ads: Don’t worry, you won’t see any advertisements if you downloaded the game before this update. ***ADS WILL SHOW ONCE YOU DELETE THE GAME AND REINSTALL IT***
– Pause button is now placed in the top left corner, no more accidentally pausing!
– New Splash Screen! Looks way cooler now – We’ve moved the company logo’s to the new splash screen which results in a faster starting game!
– Automatically pauses the game when you receive a call and return to the game.
– Game Download Size Smaller! – We’ve re-compressed our Audio/Music so that we’ve made An Alien with a Magnet 20% smaller in size! Faster downloading/updating!
– Introducing Big Black Asteroids! – Levels with multiple exits/finish lines now have numeric asteroids to show what level they will unlock.
– Level Select Overview is improved as well!
– And much, much more!

via: Our Review