Stairs guide - how to climb to a high score

Posted by Jessica Famularo on December 20th, 2017
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Stairs is the latest addictive game from Ketchapp in which you guide a bouncing ball up a set of stairs ridden with dangerous spikes. Bounce as high as you can without landing on a spike, which results in instant death. The game is tricky, but we have a few helpful hints that will ensure you can survive for as long as possible.

Find a rhythm

It's helpful to play this game with the sound on, as you'll notice the ball makes a tapping sound as it hits the stairs. Use this steady beat to time your jumps and swipes. Relying on visuals alone actually makes things more difficult. There's a bit of a delay that is hard to see.

Exaggerated movements can be helpful

While many games of this nature usually require small, subtle movements, you'll quickly note that this is a game that doesn't benefit from this sort of control. The ball actually bounces relatively slowly, meaning it's better to go for bigger movements when guiding the ball from side to side. The ball will respond a bit sluggishly, so don't be afraid to quickly swipe from one side to the next to avoid a spike trap. You won't lose control of the ball in that way.

Look ahead

Always look slightly ahead of where your ball currently is to make note of where the upcoming safe spaces are. This will give you a few milliseconds to prepare your next move, making it much easier to avoid spikes. Pair this with finding a rhythm with the ball and it will be smooth sailing.

Are you a stairclimbing master? Share your tips in the comments below.

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