Spellsword to be Released Soon

Posted by Kevin Stout on March 29th, 2012

Spellsword, a new title from Fire Fruit Forge, is set to be released soon. According to a release announcement and screenshots posted on the Touch Arcade Forums, it should be released sometime soon (possibly within the next month).

After watching the gameplay trailer, it looks to be quite the action-packed hack and slash game. The storyline is based on a “spellsword” with the ability to kill many minions at a time and the champion who picks up the sword. The game has a sort of retro look and the music even sounds 8-bit derived.

Apparently, the mission/quest system was somewhat inspired by Jetpack Joyride. There are quests in different areas but the game still contains an “endless gaming” sort of feel. There will be 60 missions at the release of the game.

Fire Fruit Forge is also the developer team behind hit title, Terra Noctis. Check out the gameplay trailer for Spellsword below.

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