It's not easy keeping secrets on the internet, so it's not especially surprising that astute Sonic fans found that Gameloft had accidentally leaked Sonic Runners Adventure on their customer support page. Oops. Sonic Runners took the 2D platforming stylings of traditional Sonic games and turned it into an endless runner. It was a nice throwback, though hindered by frustrating IAPs.

It looks like Gameloft is hoping to turn things around, though, based on what we were able to glean from the Sonic Runners Adventure support page before it was eventually taken down. Fortunately Sonic News Channel was able to preserve it before it was lost to the dark corners of the internet. Gameloft has ditched the unpopular gambling mechanics from Sonic Runners, allowing players to instead unlock new characters by paying for them with coins they collect in game.

So that's a relief, but what else do we know about Adventure? Well, character levels will be capped at five instead of 100, and each character belongs to one of three teams, each with their own unique skills -- Chaotix, Hero, and Dark. Players start off with Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles by default until you unlock more. Gameplay is also getting an overhaul, with three different levels types -- Finite, Looped, and Infinite. You can see the full breakdown here.

We still don't know when Sonic Runners Adventure will be released, but hints of a support page are surely a good sign. Stay tuned.

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