Snipers vs. Thieves beginner's guide - How to become a sneaky thief

Posted by Jessica Famularo on August 25th, 2017
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Snipers vs Thieves is a fresh new multiplayer shooter. It's a video game version of "cops and robbers", but it's simple design is incredible elegant and effective, as a player on one side tries to take out robbers with their trusty sniper rifle, while an opposing team of robbers attempts to make it back to their van with bags of cash in tow.

Manage your stamina wisely

Running uses stamina, and your van is a long way away. It's good to make haste, but make sure that you're recovering behind cover. Wait for your blue stamina bar to fill up before you move to the next point. Otherwise, you won't be able to maintain your sprint and risk get caught in sniper fire.

Choose your cover well

Points of cover degrade with time if they're shot at. On the other hand, some points of cover only provide partial cover to begin with. When moving to a new point of cover, pay attention to the green arrows floating above them. Solid green arrows signify full, steady cover. Half-filled arrows means you'll find partial shelter, while cracked arrows means that they can be destroyed with gunfire.

Taunting is incredibly useful

Taunting gives you energy to sprint if you need to make it to cover quickly, but it also involves putting yourself in danger. Use it when the sniper is distracted with other players and you should be just fine.

Try a dodge roll

If you swipe the screen, your character will duck into a dodgeroll. Use this if you're running to cover and want to protect yourself from bullets. Just remember that rolling can use up a good deal of stamina, so pace yourself.

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