Sneak Peek: OmniFocus for iPad

Posted by Jeff Scott on June 1st, 2010

OmniFocus is a Getting Things Done style organization tool created by The Omni Group and one of the first applications reviewed here on 148Apps. Their iPad version is my single most anticipated iPad application. I use the iPhone version extensively and when it arrives on the iPad, I see myself using the iPad even more than I already do. The iPad will finally become the perfect travel computer for me.

Ken Case, the head honcho of The Omni Group, developers of OmniFocus release a quick four second sneak peek movie of OmniFocus for the iPad this morning. So far it's looking pretty good. Though with a four second video it's hard to tell for sure. Here are a couple stills from the video to give you an idea of what's to come:

According to Ken, they will be submitting OmniFocus to Apple for approval sometime the week after WWDC. So, we could be less than 3 weeks from release. We'll hold judgement on the app until we get a good chance to take a look at it ourselves. There are already lots of users concerned that the UI doesn't look finished, but it's kind of hard to tell from a four second video.

We're going to try to track down Ken Case next week at WWDC and pry some more details out of him. We'll let you know how that goes!

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