Sneaking candid shots of yourself and sharing them with the world has become a staple of the iOS ownership experience. There was always the issue of security when it came to apps like instagram.  Under most circumstances your photos were essentially being broadcast into the ether, for everyone with an internet connection to consume.  Who would you expect to come to the aid of users who wanted to share their images in a more discrete manner?  If you guessed Warner Bros. you may want to consider getting your head checked, but oddly enough that is actually the correct answer.

Despite coming from a completely unlikely source, outmywindow is a hybrid of social networking and photo storage that allows you full control of who can see your photos.  Users can even import images from their iOS libraries and create albums to once again share with only those that are worthy of permission.  The app is free and looks to be a solid alternative to other providers on the market. Plus, when they are offering 5GB of free storage, there is always an added incentive.


+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad
Released: 2012-07-19 :: Category: Game



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