A sequel to popular tower defense game, Star Defense Mission, has been released by Yezh Studio. Star Defense Mission 2 is also a tower defense with a sci-fi space theme.

This time, the games boasts three basic towers with six different evolutionary routes for those towers to go via upgrades. The ten different enemies in this challenging sequel can use seven different skills, making the defense in each level challenging and unique based on which enemies are coming. The game also includes five different items and 25 battle maps.

The story for Star Defense Mission takes place in Lightsource year 9-2. Some humans have escaped the rule of a tyrant, Sinu, with a large amount of energy crystals. The humans must use their rebel force to defend the crystals against the hordes of enemies Sinu sends against them.

The original game was featured on Apple’s New & Noteworthy page. Star Defense Mission 2 is available for $2.99 and is an iPad only game.


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