Send Your Hatch Pet to Pocket God: Ooga Jump, Courtesy of a New Update

Posted by Jennifer Allen on June 19th, 2014
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A rather impressive new update for pet care sim, Hatch, has just been released. In conjunction with the folks behind Pocket God: Ooga Jump, players can now take their pet from Hatch and use it to bounce around in Pocket God: Ooga Jump. I can't recall any other game being able to do such a thing, so that's pretty cool for fans of both.

As well as that, Hatch now has new blankets, two new decor themes, and a whole bunch of bug fixes. Oh, plus it's on sale for the first time ever, priced at $0.99. What are you waiting for?

Hatch is available now on the App Store, currently priced at $0.99.

Update includes:

New in my shop I'll be carrying a cool new toy to spoil your pet with – but it's no ordinary toy… it's an enchanted artifact from the exotic world of Pocket God! Once you have this toy you and your fugu will be able to hop into a whole other world for your first epic adventure Ooga Jumping through the jungle, a haunted zombie graveyard and even outer space! And of course a cool new update wouldn't be complete without…

Fun new blankets! Two new decor themes for the more adventurous types of Fugu who feel at home in mysterious jungle ruins or ancient Egypt! And my latest lock screen portrait masterpiece, "Wild Things", inspired by one of my hero's greatest adventure. I hope you love how they turned out!

- Max & your pet Fugu

P.S. that's not all, your pet fugu and I continue to work on the smaller things:
- hopefully fixed an issue with forever lasting birthdays (not as fun as it sounds!)
- floral tree decor set has been updated to be more lovely
- your hungry pet fugu will no longer complain if you are throwing away rotten fruit
- your 'treats' section in the bag has been turned into the 'toy' section :)
- support for crateable items distinguishing between the trash and backpack
- fix for a wallpaper that was causing crashing
- fugu will behave better with its noise making while doing the army crawl
- rug typo fix in Lace Doily
- replaced 8bit wallpaper with 1bit version

iPhone Screenshots

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