Scavenge for rewards in the latest DLC for apocalyptic simulator 60 Seconds!

Posted by 148Apps Staff on July 31st, 2018
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Tinned food is underrated. When the warning siren goes, and your suburban home is nuked into a radioactive pancake, what else are you going to depend on for sustenance down in the bunker? But if you’ve only got 60 seconds to gather supplies, you’ll have to pocket a lot of canned tomato soup. And everything else you and your family will need to stay alive. Then comes the tough part – spending countless days holed up in your fallout shelter, with only your family and mutant cockroaches for company. At least the cockroaches don’t nag.

So begins developer Robot Gentleman’s apocalyptic simulator 60 Seconds!. The game’s nightmare scenario is given a strong dose of dark humour throughout, helped by the 1950s, white-picket-fence backdrop. You take control of Ted, hell-bent on keeping his family alive, even when all around him has turned to ash. First released on PC, Nintendo Switch and iOS, 60 Seconds! received its debut on Android in December last year. It’s managed over a million sales across all platforms since then, and the latest DLC is sure to draw more players.

The DLC introduces a new mode – Rocket Science Challenges – which provides regular tests of endurance and scavenging for players. The first three challenges on mobile are Honeymoon Challenge, Die for Valhalla! Challenge and Babysitter Challenge, with more coming soon. Beating each will nab you what every family stuck in a nuclear bunker needs. Hats. All sorts of hats for Ted and his fam to swan around in.

So, survive the nuclear winter whilst stocking your wardrobe full of stylish hats – two birds, one phone. Download 60 Seconds! for Android and iOS, available in all major languages, and test out the latest DLC, Robot Science Challenges.

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