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Posted by Jessica Famularo on October 5th, 2017
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REKT! Is an all new stunt-racer that’s stunning in its slick tricks, smooth driving mechanics, and addictive power. It’s easy to sink yourself into, but challenging to perfect.

There are myriad challenges to complete, and of course, you’ll be chasing that elusive high score. We’re here to show you how to score high in REKT! While perfecting your technique.

Wheels on the ground, people

REKT! makes it easy to pull off some seriously cool stunts, which is good, because you’ll need to be able to do those to earn lots of points. There’s just one small caveat though -- you need to land on your wheels following a trick if you want to get those coveted points.

This will take some practice. When you’re flipping through the air, hold your finger on the screen to correct your car's position. Once the wheels are pointed at the ground mid-air it’s safe to release your finger and land. There’s timing involved, so it may take a few tries.

Complete challenges

You’ll notice a few tasks listed at the top left of your screen. Try to complete these during each run, as they’ll give you a nice bonus to your score. Plus, doing challenges is a good way to practice skills you might not have thought to try on your own!

Try out different types of cars

As you progress, you can unlock new types of cars. Each car handles a bit differently and has its own unique capabilities, so experiment with a few different types to find out which one clicks with you. You might find it’s easier for you to score better with one car rather than another.

Feel free to share your own REKT! tips and tricks in the comments below.

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