Remember the olden days (yesterday) when the crummy iPad version of the New York Times was just an abridged version called “editor’s choice?” Well not anymore! With the latest update (2.0), the New York Times app now shows more than 25 sections from the famed paper, as well as 50 blogs.

All that users have to do to get this new content is to complete a free in-app registration form, or already be a an existing NYTimes member. The catch is that early next year, the NYTimes app will be moving to a subscription model. The Times hasn’t released their price points for the subscription, but the days of free are coming to an end. After the price model hits, freeloaders will be back to just viewing the Top News, Most E-Mailed, Business Day, and video.

“When we go to the pay model, there will always be something you can access without having a paid subscription,” Namini, SVP of marketing and circulation, said. “Whether it will be the free four sections you get without registering or something different, that’s to be determined later. But to access everything in full, a paid subscription will be required.”

Like all newspapers, the New York Times iPad edition, even after the price model hits, will keep on its advertising, and is in fact sold out for almost the entirety of next year. Judging by how popular the “Editor’s Choice” app was (it was downloaded 650,000 times since April), it would be crazy for them to not jump on board. This is the New York Times after all.

So feel free to drop your silly Kindle subscriptions any time now. With the new update, you can view the New York Times, in its entirety, in color. Now isn’t that pretty?

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