Read It Later has a new app launching, and with it a brand new name: Pocket. What this brings is a brand new stylistic interface, one that aims to help users keep track of their favorite content across devices easier.

The new interface features a new view that integrates images and video previews to give a visual identity to items saved to the service. It’s also possible to switch to a simple list as well. Videos from services like Vimeo and YouTube can be called up in an HTML5 player directly in the app, instead of having to watch the video on the website itself. Filtering for just articles, images, and videos is available, and items can be tagged and filtered by these tags.

Pocket still works with old Read It Later accounts, and any app that integrated with Read It Later such as Tweetbot will find that the functionality still works the same as it did before the name change. Pocket is now completely free and ad-free for all platforms, eschewing the free/paid model the apps previously used.

+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad
Released: 2009-04-09 :: Category: News

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