Elite Systems has just announced its love letter to retro gaming and computing. The BlueTooth ZX Spectrum is, essentially, a bluetooth keyboard specially designed to look like a ZX Spectrum. A Kickstarter campaign is set to begin very soon, and once it (presumably) reaches its goal production will begin.

The Bluetooth ZX Spectrum will connect wirelessly to iOS devices and function like a normal (and very awesome in a retro sort of way) keyboard. However, it’s also being designed specifically to work with a series of apps that will release separately during the hardware launch. These titles include classics such as Manic Minter, Jet Set Willy, and more. Additionally, the ZX Spectrum: Elite Collection series of apps will be made backward-compatible to work with the Bluetooth ZX Spectrum at a later date.

You can head over to the official Kickstarter page and sign up to be notified once the project launches. When it’s inevitably available, the Bluetooth ZX Spectrum is expected to sell – online only for the time being – for between £39.99 and £49.99 (or about $65 to $80 US).


source: Bluetooth ZX Spectrum Website