Pocket Legends Adventures is a fun action adventure RPG that takes control when you want it to, but also opens itself for player input, too, if you're looking to tkae a more active role in combat. Regardless of play style, the game can be quite difficult at times, so we've devised a few tips to help you get started. Here's how to become a top player in Pocket Legends Adventures.

Auto-equip is usually not your friend

While auto-play works perfectly fine, you should keep stock of your character's equipment on your own. The game can equip armor that can affect your weapons and leave you with something you might not be used to.

Get yourself a pet

You should get a pet at the first opportunity. We recommend that you adopt Lingo the bird for its powerful healing capabilities. Unleash Lingo on the battlefield from the get go and you'll have a very helpful partner in crime from the duration of the fight.

Farm for resources

Grinding is often a way of life in RPGs, and that includes Pocket Legends Adventures. Replay missions repeatedly to earn extra cash for important upgrades. Focus on upgrading the weapons and armor that suits your play style. If you're playing as a ranged character, for instance, you'll want to invest in light armor. Farming is also a good opportunity to improve your skill in combat.

Positioning is key

When you're in the heat of battle, your spot on the field is of the utmost importance. If you're going for an attack, try to position yourself behind the enemy to deal extra damage. If you're playing with other players, try to flank your opponent -- attacks from the side and behind will really hurt your opponents.

Are you a seasoned adventurer yourself? Share your own advice in the comments below.

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