Pizza Boy Update Brings a Hot Slice of Retro to iOS

Posted by Blake Grundman on June 3rd, 2014
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Did you order delivery? Released way back in 2010, Pizza Boy was one of ACNE Play's earliest forays on iOS. Now, more than three years after its initial release, it's getting a hearty new injection of challenge.

Featuring a completely new world, the game has been rebalanced to help recreate the difficulty curve that the 16 bit era was best known for. Additionally, the update includes a new boss battle, an augmented soundtrack, and campaign conclusion. This is the perfect way to close the book on this long lost iOS gem.

Pizza Boy is available for $1.99 on the App Store.

iPhone Screenshots

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Pizza Boy screenshot 1 Pizza Boy screenshot 2 Pizza Boy screenshot 3 Pizza Boy screenshot 4 Pizza Boy screenshot 5
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