Nitro Games have announced an iOS spinoff of their pirate-themed PC game Pirates of Black Cove, Sink ‘Em All – and they have an entertaining trailer to go along with it. This will take the ship combat gameplay of the PC version and make it the featured element, essentially a naval isometric shooter with cannons to fire, and booty to plunder. Well, at least this is an arcade-styled interpretation of the whole process – that ship is clearly traveling faster through water faster than any real ship would. Also, while pirates may be heavily mythologized by our society, I’m pretty sure none of them used “Fart Bombs” in order to fell their foes. I’m no historian, though, so maybe they did. Their trailer, embedded below, shows just how this game’s combat system would apparently work in an office environment, or at least one where conflict resolution comes through the launching of cannonballs at one another. Pirates of Black Cove: Sink 'Em All is coming soon, and will be free to play.

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