Parallels Access is an app that allows you to access and use your Windows or Mac applications through your iPad. It gives you access to your desktop applications from anywhere, making it easy to get work done or just relax while steaming video from your computer onto your iPad.

“Do it as though all your Windows and Mac applications were designed for your iPad” is what the app store description says. That certainly does gain my attention! Check out the video below.

- Use the same familiar iPad gestures you know and like — swipe with one finger to scroll, tap to click, pinch to zoom in or zoom out content on the screen — but now those gestures work in any Mac of PC application.
– Breakthrough technology lets you use any application on your Mac or PC with reliable performance that makes slow networks usable and fast networks soar.
– Don’t fumble: tap with precision using the iPad magnifying glass or SmartTap that pinpoints where you want to click.