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Posted by Brad Hilderbrand on December 17th, 2010
iPhone App - Designed for iPhone, compatible with iPad

Navigon, the company behind the extremely useful MobileNavigator app, has announced that they will be releasing a series of free, single-purpose apps in 2011. The first up is help2park, which is available right now.

Help2park does exactly what its name implies, specifically it allows users to find all available parking lots and structures within a preset radius. Users first set the radius in which they'd like to search and with a simple tap help2park will track down and display every potential parking place within that radius. Results can be displayed in either list or map form, so you can find your place either by looking for the specific address or checking your current location against the map. Those who also have MobileNavigator installed can set the GPS to take them directly to the parking location of their choice, circumventing any potential navigation issues.

Of course what the app can't do is tell you if any spots are available in the lot you've chosen, so it might be a bit more useful for day-to-day errands and shopping than trying to find a spot at a major sporting event or concert. Yes, the stadium does indeed have several parking lots, but unless you're there early they're likely all full, so you'll have to keep looking. The app might also be helpful for those who are traveling in a new city and don't really know where to park their car in a strange metropolis. As someone who lives near Washington, DC I can tell you that this app will be a godsend next time I try and drive downtown. The city's already confusing enough as it is, but when you factor in trying to find a parking space it becomes a downright nightmare.

We're looking forward to seeing what other apps Navigon comes up with over the next several months to make our travels a bit easier. If help2park is any indication then we're in for some real treats.

NAVIGON help2park

iPhone App - Designed for iPhone, compatible with iPad
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