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Posted by Chris Hall on February 8th, 2010

Game trailers are serious business. The decisions that you come to on a daily basis sometime come down to whether or not a quality game trailer has been made. Even if you don't particularly care for trailers, I watch them religiously and often highlight apps that put in that extra bit of effort.

Last week I went ahead and put in my best trailer ever vote for Chillingo's newest title, The Hero. Perhaps my vote was premature. This week I'm not even going to leave it up to me. Let the readers be the judge! This weeks showdown is between two game trailer powerhouses. On one side, we have Chillingo's trailer of the hero, which is still all sorts of amazing to me. On the other side, we have ustwo's trailer for ..™. They pride themselves on their trailers for the entire .™ coolectable series, but I personally like the ..™ trailer the best. Watch both trailers after the break and let us know who wins... I have to know!


The Hero


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