Not being from a large urban area with subway lines intermingled with rail lines, I have always trusted the Maps app to get me safely from point A to point B. Typically it finds the fastest route between two locations without a hitch. After spending the week in NY though, I have learned that Google does not have my back. No sir.

TDS095_COn this particular day, which just happened to be yesterday, my desired route was from Brooklyn to JFK Airport. Being one of the most trafficked airports in the country, I figured that this wouldn’t be an issue. I popped right into the app, hit directions, and went from my current location to JFK Airport. Having a mass transit option in maps led me to believe that the route that was given to me would be the route that all the locals take. “No problem” I thought to myself. I jumped on the 3 to head to New Lots, and then I’d jump on the bus to JFK. By bus I figured that Google meant airport tram, and by New Lots I was hoping for some sort of airport shuttle hub.

I was wrong. Google put me… suitcase, laptop, iPhone carrying Chris… on a city bus driving by the Louis H. Pink Houses on Linden Blvd with people certainly wondering what I was doing. After I made it to JFK, I realized that there is this great light rail hub that I could’ve transferred to, and all that I would have to do is walk a street over from my starting location.

The moral of the story is that the Maps app really needs to show alternate routes like its computer based Google Maps counterpart. Lesson 2 is that if you are ever in E. Brooklyn and Maps tells you that you are getting on a bus… it is a city bus. Lesson 3 is that you should never take the route I took from Brooklyn to JFK. Find your way to the Jamaica station, it’s much more pleasant.

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