Knights Chronicle guide - Which SR and R units to keep

Posted by Campbell Bird on June 27th, 2018
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If you've been playing Knights Chronicle like we have, you've been summoning a bunch of heroes and then scouring the internet to find out which ones are worth keeping and which ones aren't. After all, you don't want to over fill your Hero Box and spend valuable gems on making it bigger.

While it's pretty obvious that you want to hold on to most SSR characters, the rest of the game's cast is a little more mysterious. Specifically, many SR and R characters can evolve into powerful six-star units, but which ones should you give this treatment, and which ones should you use as food for your other heroes? Check out this guide for the answers to these questions:

Who to hold onto?

The first and easiest way to know which SR and R heroes to keep is to take a look at your current lineup in both PvE and PvP mode. Are there any heroes that aren't pulling their weight? Are there things like sustain, defense, speed, etc. missing from your current team?

If you are able to spot any of these gaps, you'll definitely want to fill it. Ideally, you'd want to do this with an SSR hero that has exactly what you need, but considering their extreme rarity, it's much easier to round out your team with an SR or R who fits the bill. As mentioned in our beginner's guide, success in Knights Chronicle is much more about having the best possible team composition rather than a bunch of individually strong heroes, so make sure to keep lower rarity heroes that can bring that “x factor” to your team.

Most notable SRs and Rs

If you feel relatively covered on your Arena team and are still wondering if there are SRs and Rs worth locking, the answer is still yes. Generally speaking, there are only a handful of truly useful SR and R characters, but each of them brings something unique to the table. See below:

  • Saya: Saya is an attack type SR who's main value is her ability to put other heroes to sleep. When maxed out, she's arguably better than some SSRs, although she can be killed pretty easily.
  • Cordelia: As a defense unit, Cordelia is built like a tank and can absorb some huge hits for your team. As an added bonus, she has abilities that can grant damage immunity for your entire team and she can temporarily stun enemies.
  • Any hero that can revive others: Unless you have one of the three SSRs that can revive people, any SR or R character with revival abilities is worth hanging onto. Sometimes, enemies can get lucky with criticals and multi-strikes to delete your most powerful heroes before you can even use them, so having someone who can bring them back into the fight is super useful.

SRs and Rs aren't forever

SRs and Rs are a good way to cover your team weaknesses in Knights Chronicle, but they ultimately shouldn't be part of your long-term strategy. Although many of them can be really useful in a pinch, there's almost always an SSR out there that can make your team better than they ever could.

You see, in addition to being really rare and having unique abilities, SSR heroes have higher base stats than all SR and R units. Specifically, SSR units have about 20% higher stats than SR and R units on the same level as them, which basically means that if two teams of identical leveling, skills, and composition faced off, the team with more SSRs would most likely win.

Do not by any means take this to mean you shouldn't invest in SRs or Rs. Instead, just know that these heroes can be super useful, but their effectiveness can be limiting at a certain point.

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